64 Dollhouse icons
[01-21] from icon battle with [livejournal.com profile] cool_rush (Which can be found here)
[22-34] Epitaph 2 (There are actually many more of these, but they're on my laptop :\)
[35-64] Mostly from Getting Closer (and mostly featuring Ivy, Bennet, and Adelle? And Paul making a stupid face.)

Comment and Credit, purdy please?
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this table was made possible by [livejournal.com profile] 77words's table generator

40 is entirely the fault of a friend. (I also accidentally gave her Adelle's season two hair the other day when I cut it, sooo... :\ ... Unrelated story is unrelated.)

Next up: probably Doctor Who, Supernatural, or something random.

From: [identity profile] bossladydewitt.livejournal.com

These look awesome! I snagged 40, 31, 34, and 35 because of my complete love for Adelle.

Thanks for making such awesome icons!

From: [identity profile] doom-cheesepuff.livejournal.com

Thank you very much. :] I adore Adelle, so there will probably be more of her somewhere in the future.

From: [identity profile] bossladydewitt.livejournal.com

You're welcome. I gave a link to this post to [livejournal.com profile] lil_kaylee_frye as well. I told her to snag what she wanted and comment/credit. She fell in love with the "Just found Paul Ballard fic" one.

From: [identity profile] bossladydewitt.livejournal.com

I know it made me think of our conversation about Adelle/Balllard as a couple. That's why I am using it. *points*

Hope you're doing okay today.

From: [identity profile] evangelin1202.livejournal.com

Amazing icons! I took #42 'cause if Adelle isn't a HBIC here, I don't know where she is, #43 'cause I freaking love Paul and #51 simply 'cause it's gorgeous!

From: [identity profile] doom-cheesepuff.livejournal.com

Thank you! :D Very true words about Adelle, Paul can be pretty awesome (though I think most of my love for him stems from a love for Tahmoh Penikett) and thank you again. :)

From: [identity profile] lil-kaylee-frye.livejournal.com

These are awesome!

I love 23, 27, 37, 39, 40, 41 and 50.

Snagging a couple. :)

Thanks for making such lovely icons! :D

From: [identity profile] ladyvivien.livejournal.com

AWESOME. Although I disagree with 44 - she'd ship her and Ballard just to piss him off. I can imagine her sending links to fic (assuming it exists outside my harddrive) going 'LOL, people think we're doing it.' And possibly making him cry.

From: [identity profile] doom-cheesepuff.livejournal.com

Thanks. :)

Hah! Well, ok, first, I wouldn't say 44 is necessarily implying DeWitt is against the ship. I mean, intense-DeWitt-stare can mean anything. Considering I made it for my friend who ships them... *shrug*

Now I need to go die of laughter from that last bit (she so definitely would do that!) and then pass on that quote to my friend. I think it might make her day.

(Also, assuming it does indeed exist there, I don't think it does exist outside your harddrive. Shame, really.)

From: [identity profile] ladyvivien.livejournal.com

if I hadn't been so busy shipping her &Topher in S2, I would have probably started a comm. I blame an interview Olivia did before the show aired, saying that there were plans to have Ballard "invade [her] inner sanctum." She had this adorably dirty grin....
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